What are YOUR ideas to improve ASU?

Who says faculty are just whiners and naysayers? Let’s offer our serious suggestions for major improvements that could be made to our campus.  Let’s not talk about the little obvious things like pay the faculty more money or provide us with designated parking spots or at least free coffee in faculty lounges. Let’s talk about steps that would make for broad institutional-level changes that would improve faculty productivity and morale, improve student learning, and make App State a better public university.

Some things that have been suggested here and there include:

— develop a plan for partner hires

–have App State join the Tuition Exchange so that talented college-bound children of faculty and staff can attend any of the 600+ colleges in the consortium for free

–allow students to attend school year-round, and allow faculty members to choose which of three semesters they want to work (fall, spring, or summer)



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