This is the news blog of the Appalachian AAUP.  Appalachian AAUP is an official chapter of the national American Association of University Professors (AAUP).  A group of several Appalachian State faculty blog here about faculty rights, shared governance, academic freedom, the values and standards of the academic profession, and current issues on campus related to these things.

This is not our chapter website- it’s only our chapter’s news and discussion of current events related to our profession and organizational mission. Have a look at our chapter website.  Nor is this our chapter newsletter, which as of fall 2013 is edited by Dr. Greg Reck (reckgg “at”

Have a look at national AAUP.

Join our chapter by joining national AAUP. Then you’re automatically a chapter member.

Join any Appalachian AAUP chapter meeting whether or not you’re a member.  (But, hey, remember that the organization is a nonprofit one driven by member dues — and, ehem, trying to save the profession, our high standards, and the faculty’s ability to contribute to the common good.)


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A great site

Appalachian AAUP News

A blog about academic freedom and shared governance at Appalachian, professional values and standards for higher education, and higher education's contribution to the common good.

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